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sit and lean

April 29, 2014

To write this blog post I had to go grab my computer out of my closet. Why? Well because it was the first thing I put in there when I realized Auburn was under a tornado watch at a lovely 3 o’clock in the morning. I realized this because I woke up randomly and my best friend texted me “do you know about this weather?” That text from her sent me into a tirade of social networking research. Twitter, Facebook, Weather Channel, my little fingers moved fast across the keyboard of my iPhone screen. I of course at this point was wide awake and stashing things in my closet. I learned that Montgomery had been hit and all the bad tornado weather was headed in our direction… but was it really? I was drastically searching news feeds to figure out if it was really bad enough to go wake up my roomies (who are so stressed out and under slept with finals this week!). So there I was, pacing, reading tweets, texting the bestie.

Not once did I hit my knees. Not once did I acknowledge the One who had His hand over the entire storm.

And then BAM…. we are under a tornado warning. I read from all my social networking coverage that a tornado touched down 12 miles south of Auburn… alrighty… wake the roomies. I go upstairs, grab them, and we all pile in my closet…. with our tennis shoes on (if you’ve lived in tornado country long enough you know the basics)

photo copy 2There we sit, all checking our phones, texting other Auburn folks, reading twitter, updating each other on whatever funny things everyone was tweeting. I was the worst… I couldn’t even talk to them consistently without my nose being in my cell phone.

Then of course we had to send a snapchat to folks and post pics on Instagram. #tornadoselfie

photo copyWe chatted about how annoying it was for this to be happening, what bad timing everything was with one of the roomies having THREE finals that started only 4 hours later than the sitting in the closet fiasco.

Not once, in all of that did I talk to the master of the Universe. Not once did I look to Him and say… alrighty, you’re in control.

Even when the warnings were cancelled and life was safe and I was back in my bed, the only time I talked to Him was to plead with Him to make the headache I had go away. No praise or thanksgiving for keeping us alive. No, Lord you are mighty and amazing and powerful. Thank you for waking me up randomly so I could get safe. Thank you for giving me wisdom to wake up the roommates. Thank you for loving me. Nope…. just “please Dad make my headache go away”.

Fast forward to this morning and after confirming the bestie was alive, I admitted to her how convicted I was that God wasn’t on my mind last night. That social networking and gathering facts were more important than clinging to Him. Of course, since God is awesome like this, she told me she had been feeling the exact same thing. She wrote….”Yeah I thought about that too, running to turn on my tv and text you and the fiancé instead of sitting in silence and leaning on Him. Not to say we avoid making ourselves aware of the situation and prepare but you’re definitely right about putting our faith in Him and not a twitter update.”

“Putting our faith in Him and not a twitter update”….. made me laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of that statement…but in reality it’s exactly what I did. I swept right to humans instead of God as comfort, assurance, guidance, and information.


“Our first responses tell us a lot about ourselves”. -Mom

Double ouch.

I love what the bestie said…”sitting in silence and leaning on Him”. Tonight is apparently going to be tough again in the land of tornadoes…there’s a good chance I will get a redo on last night’s adventure. But tonight it will be different… tonight I will SIT and LEAN. Social networks will still be used to keep me updated and safe, but they will be the second contact. He will be first.

Lord, thank you for refining me. Thank you for loving me enough to show me my weakness and teach me to do better.

Auburn, as we wait for a possible scary night again, I ask you to SIT and LEAN with me. I ask that when the sirens go off, God is the first person you talk to. And don’t hesitate to shoot me a text to remind me to do the same!!!!!!!

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

xoxo, va

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